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The husband and wife bankruptcy team at Hipp/Kaiser-Hipp, Attorneys at Law, are acutely aware of the common struggles Pittsburghers face during times of financial difficulty. Doug Hipp was formerly the managing bankruptcy attorney at the Pittsburgh office of the nation’s largest consumer bankruptcy firm.

He commonly heard client complaints about the impersonal way his former firm handled their unique financial situations and bankruptcies. You are more than just a case number and a bottom line. You deserve personal bankruptcy representation tailored to your unique needs, which is what Doug Hipp and Kris Kaiser-Hipp strive to provide to their clients every day.

You Aren’t Trapped In Your Financial Situation

The bankruptcy attorneys at Hipp/Kaiser-Hipp regularly speak with prospective clients who feel as if there is no escape from their debt and financial burdens. You have options, and they will walk you through the potential solutions, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You may or may not qualify for Chapter 7, and depending on the types of assets you own you may actually prefer to file for Chapter 13. The bankruptcy attorneys at Hipp/Kaiser-Hipp will provide you with the honest, relevant guidance and advice you need. After a detailed analysis of your unique issues, and with your assistance, they will develop the plan that will best fit your situation.

The attorneys at Hipp/Kaiser-Hipp are proud to help good people through tough times with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and debt relief representation. Contact them today at (412) 478-3603 for more information regarding the personal, compassionate approach to bankruptcy representation at Hipp/Kaiser-Hipp, Attorneys at Law.

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Common Bankruptcy Myths:

You lose all of your assets when you file -This myth is not true. You may keep all of your property that is exempt from bankruptcy, including your house, vehicle, and household goods. Most people who file do not lose a penny.

You will have bad credit for the next 10 years -Your credit score can actually significantly improve. It could jump more than 100 points within the first year. Bankruptcy is a fresh start and allows you to have no debt; therefore, credit companies can now consider you a good risk for loans.

You can get rid of all of your debts -Some debts, such as student loans or those debts that were obtained through fraud may not be able to be eliminated through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Almost all debts, can be removed.

My creditors will still harass me -Once the process of bankruptcy begins, creditors can no longer harass you. The court automatically issues a "stay," which means that all attempts at debt collection must cease at once.

You are a bad person for filing for bankruptcy - Filing for bankruptcy does not make you a bad person. Bankruptcy almost always begins from circumstances that are out of the hands of that individual.

You cannot file for bankruptcy if you have a job -This is not true. If your disposable income is lower than a specific limit, you may be able to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy even if you have a job. If your disposable income is higher than the limit, you can still file under Chapter 13.

Medical bills and credit card debt cannot be eliminated -This is not true. In almost all circumstances, these types of debt can be removed through the process of either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not available any longer -There are many complex and difficult issues that you will have to deal with when filing for bankruptcy. It is important to obtain an aggressive and dependable attorney as you navigate your case. Contact our firm for help filing for bankruptcy!